2-factor authentication

See how you can enable 2-factor authentication

You can enable 2-factor authentication for your account from https://app.tability.io/account/2fa, or by clicking on your profile picture in your workspace and going to the 2-Factor Authentication section.

Enabling 2-Factor Authentication

Just follow the instruction in the page to enable 2-factor authentication for your account.

You will need to download Google Authenticator as part of the process to generate your security token.

Generating backup codes

Once 2-Factor Authentication is activated, you will be able to generate backup codes that can be used to login.

Each code can only be used once, and generating new codes will invalidate all the previous ones.

Resetting the 2-Factor secret

If you need to reset your 2-factor secret, you can simply disable and re-enable 2-factor authentication for your account.

This will generate a new secret, and you will have to scan the new QR Code on your Google Authenticator app.

Locked account

Please contact support if you're locked out of your account.