Getting Started with Tability

Learn how to create goals and share updates with your team.

Tability is a simple platform that helps teams stay focused and accountable. Whether they're OKRs, KPIs or strategic initiatives, Tability will make sure that you keep track of your goals and share feedback regularly.

In this guide we'll see how to get started -- from creating your workspace to publishing your first update.

Step 1: Create a workspace

A workspace is a place where team members can track goals and share progress. You can create multiple workspaces, but we recommend using one workspace per organization.

Creating your first workspace is simple. First, go to to signup for an account. You can sign in with Google directly if you are using Google for your emails.


Once you signed up and create your profile, you will see a form to add your first workspace. Choose a name for your workspace and a custom URL. You will be able to change all these settings later, so don't worry if you're unsure about them.

workspace create

  • Workspace name: This is the name of your workspace
  • Workspace URL: Each workspace has a dedicated URL for the web. You will be able to access your workspace later at
  • Allowed email domains: You can add your work email domain ( to allow other people from your company to sign up themselves.

During the onboarding, you will see a screen to configure your notifications. Choose the correct timezone for your workspace, and tell us when your team to be reminded about their weekly updates.

time zone

Step 2: Invite your team to your workspace

Next step is to invite your team. Add the emails of the teammates you would like to invite in the form.

By adding teammates now to your workspace, you will be able to assign them goals right away.

team invite

You can always add more teammates later, or they can join the workspace without an invite if they have the allowed domain name in their email (see the workspace settings in Step 1).

Step 3: Create a page

Pages allow you to group goals together. They're flexible and can be used to track a specific quarter, team or project.

From your dashboard, click on the Create page. Type the name of your page and select the timeframe and frequency of updates for the goals.

first project

All goals in a page share the same update cycle. We recommend weekly check-ins for quarterly goals, and monthly check-ins for longer term goals.

Step 4: Create a goal

Alright! It's now time to add your first goal. Click + Goal to add a new goal inline. You'll see a form with the following options:

  • Goal description: A short description of your goal.
  • Target value (optional): Set to 100% by default, but it can be any formatted number.
  • Owner: Reminders will be sent to this person when updates are due.
  • Due date (optional): Adding a deadline allows Tability to build projections.

inline goal

After creating your goal you can click on its title to see the projected activity chart (only for goals with a target value and due date).

goal selected

There are more options available to customize your goals using the advanced form. See Creating goals to learn more.

Step 5: Create your first update

Tability will send reminders check-ins are due but you can create your first update whenever you want. Click on the pencil icon on the New update button in the right panel to create the first update.

Updates are simple and easy to do. Add the status, progress, and comment and you're done!

create update