Getting Started with Tability

Learn how to share goals and results

What is Tability?

With Tability you can easily share goals and results within your organization.

It's a simple way to ask if projects are on track, and how far you are from reaching your targets.

1. Sign up for your workspace

Go to to create your workspace. You can sign in with Google if you're using Google Apps, or you can create a new account.

Once you're logged in you will be able to create your first workspace.

workspace creation1

  • Workspace name: Name of your workspace.
  • Workspace URL: Each workspace gets its own subdomain.
  • Allowed email domains: You can let your co-workers sign in themselves by adding their email domain.

2. Create a project

Projects allow you to group goals. You can use them to create OKR pages, track team goals or your own objectives.

What's important when you're creating a project is to specify how often you want updates. This is how Tability will know when to send reminders, and when updates are overdue.

project creation

3. Create goals

Now that your project has been created you can add goals to the page. A goal has some required and optional components.

goal creation

  • Goal: You need to describe what you want to do ("Increase weekly active users by 30%" or "Get 1,000 beta signups").
  • Target (optional): If you have a target for your goal you can write it down in the target field. You can directly set the value with the format ("30%", or "1000 signups").
  • Owner: You can pick an existing user or invite them via email from the owner field.
  • Due date (optional): You can add a due date to your goal.

You can also create sections to group goals in your project by clicking on the "+ Section".


4. Update goals

To update goals, you just click on the update button in the goal line. You will see a form allowing you to create a new status update.

  • Status: The status indicates your confidence in achieving the goal.
  • Update: Use that field to give more details on your status update.
  • Current value: If you have a target for your goal you can indicate how far you are from reaching it.

update from

Tability will send reminders to goal owners, but all members of a workspace can update goals to make collaboration easier.

What's next?

The beta is still at an early stage and your feedback would help us a lot to improve the experience. Do not hesitate to use the messenger popup in the bottom-right corner.

We will also send regular updates in-app about new product features.