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Goal lifecycles

Understand how goals work in Tability

Goals will move through 4 different states in Tability.

Goal lifecycle

The 4 states of a goal

Not started

Goals will stay in a draft state until their start date. You can edit a goal to see when that date is configured.

You can see draft goalsin your dashboard and create updates, but they will not generate check-ins reminders before their start date.


Once a goal is past its start date it automatically becomes active. Tability will send reminders to goal owners to make sure that progress updates are shared.

If an active goal is past its due date, Tability will also send notifications to the owner to suggest them to close the goal.


You can close a goal at any point of time, and once a goal is closed, Tability stops sending check-ins reminders to the owner.

Closed goals are still displayed in the views and reports.

Archived goals

You can archive goals to remove them from the main views while keeping their data.

Automatic cleanup

Tability has a built-in cleanup system to close goals that seem abandonned.

If a goal is due for an update, Tability will send 3 reminders before closing it automatically. This is by design to prevent users from getting notifications for things that they do not care about.

You can always re-open a goal once closed if you believe it was a mistake.

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