Tability for Slack

Our job at Tability is to help you focus and get out of the way. Integrating with Slack is a simple way to blend in with your existing tools, and minimize context switching for you and your team.

Once Tability is connected to Slack you can:

  • Get your reminders via direct messages in Slack.
  • Update your goals from Slack.
  • Select a Slack channel to receive the notifications related to a Tability page.
  • See previews of pages, goals and status updates when you post links on Slack.

Connecting Slack and Tability together

You will need to be an administrator both in Slack and Tability to be able to connect your Slack workspace to Tability.

Go to the integrations settings of your Tability workspace to see the option to connect to Slack. The URL should look like

slack connect

Just hit the Connect to Slack button to connect the applications.

Tability will ask permission to see users in your workspace to be able to sync their account. That is how it will be possible later to send reminders directly to your teammates in Slack.

Getting reminders in Slack

Reminders will be automatically sent to goal owners via Slack if their account is connected. The application will send these reminders on the day and time that you picked in your workspace notification settings.

Email notifications will then be sent 4h later if there are still goals that are due for an update.

To verify that users are synced up, you can go to the Users settings of your workspace and look at their status in the Connected to Slack column.

Previewing links

You can post links to pages, goals and status updates in Slack to get a preview of the content.

slack link preview

Updating goals from Slack

Goals posted in Slack will have a button to share new updates. Click on that button to trigger a popup allowing you to create an update for the goal.

slack popup

Everybody can see the Share a new update button, but only the users that have an account in Tability can create an update.

Receive notifications for a page in a Slack channel

You will be able to pick a Slack channel for page notifications once your Slack workspace is connected to Tability.

slack project channel

Go to the Notifications section of your page settings to see the Slack channel option. Then add the channel id, including the hashtag, where you want to receive the notifications.

You will then receive notifications for the following events happening in your page:

  • A goal is created
  • A goal is closed
  • A new update has been shared for a goal
  • A comment has been posted on an update