See how you can configure your notifications

The purpose of Tability is to make sure that everyone on your team knows what's important and how much progress they're making. To do that, the platform will send 4 types of notifications to users:

  • Update due notification when goals need a new status update.
  • Reminders when goals are ignored for too long, or overdue.
  • Summary reports of pages users are watching.
  • Workspace activity

Let's dive in to see how that works.

Notification types

Update due notification

Tability will send notifications to goal owners when their goals are due for an update. The day the email is sent depends on the update frequency of the parent pages.

  • For weekly goals: emails are sent on the weekly check-in day configured for your workspace.
  • For monthly goals: emails are sent on the first of the month.
  • For quarterly goals: emails are sent on the first day of the quarter.

This notification cannot be turned off, as it is the way Tability makes sure that every goal owner is aware that a new update is due.

If you no longer want to track a goal, you can close it to stop receiving notifications.

Update reminders

If a goal owner has forgotten to update their goal, our bot, Tabby, will wait a week before sending a reminder to the user. To stop receiving these reminders, the goal owner simply needs to add an update or close the goal.

Summary reports

Once a week Tability will send a summary report for all the page that users are subscribed to. You can configure the summary report day in your workspace settings.

By default, it is set to be one day after the weekly update reminders. That way people have time to update their goals before the reports are shared.

You can turn off the summary report notifications in your account notification settings.

Workspace activity

Teammates in your workspace can receive email notifications for things happening in the platform:

  • New goals created in a page they're watching.
  • New updates shared for a goal they own or in a page they're watching.
  • Comments created on their goals or in a page they're watching.

You can turn off the workspace activity notification in your account notification settings.

Default settings for notifications

If you're a workspace admin, you can configure the default notification settings for summary reports and workspace activity.

This will only affect new users and will not change the preferences of existing members of your workspace.