Manage and organize your pages

Pages are the core containers in which you will add your goals. You can organize your pages in hierarchies, and use sections within a page to group goals together.

Creating a page

You can create a page in various ways:

  • Use the Create page button in the Pages listing.
  • Use the New sub-page button in the Dependencies panel of a specific page.

Page properties

Here's the list of settings available for your page.

  • Page title
  • Update frequency: The update frequency determines how often Tability will send check-ins reminders to goal owners.
  • Parent page (optional): You can organize your pages in hierarchies.
  • Description (optional): Add information about the page. You can format the text with Markdown.
  • Default dates (optional): Use default dates to set the default start date and due dates for the goals in the page. You can override that setting at a goal level.

All the goals within a page share the same update frequency. Make sure that you take it into account when organizing your workspace.

Organizing goals in a page

There will be times when you'll want to group your goals around objectives, focus areas or initiatives. You can do that easily with Tability by creating sections in your project and moving goals on the page.

Creating section

Just click on the + Section button at the bottom of your page to create a new section.

multiple goals

This will automatically add a default section for the existing goals, as well as a new section underneath. You can click on the section titles to edit them.

Moving goals

You can click and drag goals in the page to move them between sections.

drag drop

Ordering sections

Click on the ellipsis menu next to the section title to move a section up or down your page.

Page hierarchies

Having hierarchies between pages is a simple way to visualize dependencies. For instance, you could have the following structure for your workspace:

> Company goals for 2019
    > 2019 Q1 OKRs
        > Engineering initiatives
        > Marketing initiatives 

Page hierarchies

As you and your team start tracking progress on your goals you will be able to see an overview of your pages and their dependencies.