Access controls

Secure access to your workspace

The Security section of your workspace settings will allow you to control who can join and access your workspace.

See below the features available to the Standard and Premium plans.

For Standard plans

Email domains allowed to join automatically

To make it easy for your colleagues to join, you can add their email domains here (e.g. if your email is then your email domain is

For Premium plans

The Premium plan is currently in beta and all customers can use these features during until the plan is officially launched.

Premium customers have the ability to restrict access to their workspace.

It is always possible to access your account and workspace settings, but the following content can be restricted:

  • Pages
  • Goals
  • Status updates
  • Comments
  • Notifications

Require 2-factor authentication to access content

Enable this feature to restrict content to users that do not have 2-factor authentication enabled.

Restrict access to certain email domains

Add the email domains of your company to prevent users from accessing content if they do not use their official company email account.

Restrict access to certain IP addresses

Control which IP addresses are allowed to access the content of your workspace.