What is Tability

Tability is a goal-tracking platform that makes sure that you and your team do not waste efforts on things that do not matter. Whether it's OKRs, KPIs, projects or goals -- Tability will make sure that you stay focused and keep track of outcomes.

Key features

Continuous goal-tracking

Tability is all about rapid feedback on outcomes. You can create goals in projects and organize them via sections or tags. Once a goal is created, we'll make sure that progress is shared every week.

Transparency & history

It's easy to see at a glance the status of a project and its dependencies. You can also go back in history to investigate when a particular goal went off-track, or see trends in the progress charts.

Focus bot

Tabby, our focus bot, will send reminders to your team to make sure that progress is always up-to-date. It will keep your workspace clean and archive the items that you do not care about.

Your Tability workspace

A workspace is a place where team members can track goals and share progress. You can create multiple workspaces, but we recommend using one workspace per organization.

What's next?

Now that you know all about Tability, it's time to create your first workspace!