What is Tability

Tability is a simple goal-tracking platform for teams. It helps you stay accountable and focused on the things that matter the most for your business. Tability is flexible and will let you track OKRs, KPIs, projects or goals so that you always know how your organization is doing.

Key features

Continuous goal-tracking

Tability is all about rapid feedback on outcomes. You can create goals in pages and organize them as you see fit. Once a goal is created, we'll make sure that progress is shared every week, month or quarter.

Transparency & history

It's easy to see at a glance the status of your top priorities. You can always go back in history to see trends and investigate when a particular goal went off-track.

Automated focus

Tabby, our focus bot, will send reminders to your team to make sure that progress is always up-to-date. It will keep your workspace clean and archive the items that you do not care about.


Tability is designed for rapid collaboration on outcomes. You can share progress easily and provide feedback on updates.


Connect your Tability account to Slack to get notified and create updates from your Slack channels.

What's next?

Now that you know all about Tability, it's time to create your first workspace!