Using projects

Just like sections, projects can be used to group goals together. But, unlike sections, projects have a few workflows baked in.

Project options

Project title

A short name for your project


You can have a tagline under your project. This can be used to give a short description of your project or link to external pages, docs or tools.

Parent project

You can build hierarchies between projects to help organize your workspace. This is a great way to see how all of your projects and goals influence and relate to one another.

Update frequency

This is an important parameter for your project. It will determine how often updates on goals should be expected. To can pick a weekly, monthly or quarterly frequency for your goals.

All the goals within a project share the same update frequency. Make sure that you take it into account when organizing your workspace.

Project hierarchies and summaries

Having hierarchies between projects is a simple way to visualize dependencies. For instance, you could have the following structure for your workspace:

> Company goals for 2019
    > 2019 Q1 OKRs
        > Engineering initiatives
        > Marketing initiatives 

Just click on the + add child project button from any project page to add a child project.

project hierarchies

As you and your team start tracking progress on your goals you will be able to see a summary view of your projects, with their dependencies in the projects list.

What's next?

If you have not seen it yet, check out how you can also organize your goals within a project by using sections.