See how you can configure your workspace

As an administrator or owner of a workspace, you will be able to configure a few settings.

Workspace details

workspace details

Workspace name

The name of your workspace. It will be used in notifications and reports.

Workspace slug

The unique subdomain used for your workspace URL.

Allowed domains

To make it easy for your colleagues to join, you can add their email domains here (e.g. if your email is then your email domain is

Time zone

The local time zone you have set for your workspace. It will help determine when check-ins and reminders should be sent.


Add, remove and edit users from the Users section in your workspace settings.

Reminders & notifications

Configure the default settings for the notifications sent by your workspace.

Reminder settings

Decide which day of the week Tability should send check-ins reminders. You can also configure when summary reports are sent to users.

Default notifications settings

Configure the default notifications for new users in this section. Changing these settings do not affect the preferences of existing users.


Connect your workspace to your Slack account to get the benefits of our Slack integration.

Plan & billing (owners only)

If you're an owner, you will be able to upgrade your plan and set your billing details.

Delete workspace

You can delete your workspace at any time. Please not that deleting a workspace does not delete the user accounts of its members. Users need to separately delete their account from Tability.